HDB : Homes of Singapore

HDB : Homes of Singapore

This book celebrates the art and culture of Singapore homes, particularly "Everyone’s home" - the HDB flat. We spent years visiting more than hundred homes to photograph the life in a HDB. Our aim is to capture the unique living here in Singapore which is formed through the interaction among cultures.

Our project aims to enhance sense of belonging, bring appreciation, and draw attention to beauty of life that is happening around HDB flat. We believe this extends beyond the people who live in HDB flats, but also to the wider Singaporean community at large and beyond.

This is a distinctive culture, and has contributed greatly to the enduring success of Singapore.

For enquires, contact us at: tamae@keyakismos.com, eitaro@keyakismos.com

Published : January 2017
Author : Keyakismos + Tomohisa Miyauchi
Photography : Tomohisa Miyauchi
Photography Processing : Tsuyoshi Ando
Editor : Akira Hombo
Editorial Assistant : Zhi Wenmei
Chinese translation : Zhi Wenmei, Ng Fangqi Akiko
English translation : Heng Kai Le
Publisher : Keyakismos
Language : English , Mandarin , Japanese
Format: 600 pages, Hard cover, 300x300mm